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Beauty and Healthy is the real power

We will use leading health and beauty technologies to provide top-quality products and services that contribute to the advancement of culture, technology, science and industry, as well as improved health and environmental protection in society.

Our overarching aim is to help enhance the quality of life of people worldwide. We will create new value by integrating our distinctive and leading-edge technologies as well as turning out proprietary health and beauty technologies to continue providing top-quality products and services that cultivate customer trust and satisfaction.

Our new corporate philosophy is based on the recognition that our mission, through our sustained corporate activities, is to significantly contribute to the realization of a society in which all people across the world can lead lives that are abundant in spiritual as well as material wealth with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

A leader in the global health and beauty industry

Improve the quality of life and well-being of people with quality products and services. Technology development and innovation with excellence. It is one of the leading companies in the ASEAN region that is growing steadily.

Mission to customers and nations

TAT Corporation will provide the highest quality end products to our customers and will be the creator of the world’s changing health and beauty industry, by branding to deliver products and services that are different and changing to people around the world.

TAT Corporation Company Limited

TAT Corporation is a diverse organization committed to focusing on our key stakeholders while delivering consistently high performance. Our mission of improving people’s lives through our beauty and healthcare products. The Company, is focused on providing branded consumer packaged goods to consumers around the world. By operates through four segments: Cosmetics; Pharmaceuticals; Medical instruments;
and Real estate.

As part of one of the largest and most diverse healthcare companies in Thailand, our Healthy and beauty brands leverage the company’s world-class research tools and scientific prowess to provide consumers across the globe with innovative cosmetics solutions.

About real estate TAT Corporation aims to become a development company that covers the entire real estate industry, drive the company with good governance to have sustainable development. We, a customer driven company will deliver great products with excellent service. We think more, to offer more so that our customers will benefit more.


Sustainable Development
TAT Corporation Company Limited

Brand Stories:

We are leveraging our brands to be a force for good. We know that improving consumers’ lives also means caring for the world we live in and providing sustainable solutions. That’s why we make irresistibly superior products to deliver the performance consumers expect while being produced responsibly. We have committed to responsible operations our policies and practices define the behavior we expect from our organization, employees and suppliers. We always seek to provide a clear perspective on our operating practices while living up to our Purpose, Values and Principles.

Human Rights and Labor Practices:

We uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the relevant principles of UN Global Compact. It is our responsibility to ensure that our business will not infringe on human rights. We continually promote respect for human rights through trainings, guidelines, and controls measures to ensure that all business groups manage human rights risks and impacts at their fullest capacity. To prevent infringing on labor rights, we focus our effort on proactive approach. Our policy prohibits all forms of forced labor and illegal foreign labor. We promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace where all employees have equal opportunity to advance in their career regardless of age, sex, culture, physical conditions and personalities.

We strive to build a safe work environment for our employees and contractors and work towards zero accidents and occupational diseases goal through internal and external collaborations.


At TAT Corporation, Innovation is an instrumental driver for positive change and a factor that sustains our business competitiveness. We continue embedding a culture of innovation for sustainable growth as well as to contribute to Thailand 4.0 policy. In confirmation of our core value, “innovativeness”, companies under TAT Corporation are relentlessly developing products and services which are enabled by research and development centers which are led by our experienced researchers. We promote different ways of innovation – incremental, breakthrough and radical all of which apply advanced technology. Innovativeness brings about tremendous benefits to the company including continued success into the future.

We set new approaches towards sustainability in order to keep pace with evolving global sustainability challenges.
We are aspired to provide sustainable products and services that improve the quality of life of everyone in the societies.

We are always looking for new employees who will become part of the success of our company. TAT Corporation offers a competitive salary, benefits, and a work environment that fosters and respects the contribution of each individual. Our positions in Research & Development, Sales, Marketing, as well as Finance, IT, and General Administration may fit your specialized skills.

TAT Corporation. Believes in equal opportunity for all, without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, sex, veteran’s status, age, marital status, sexual preference, disability or any other protected personal characteristic.


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