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Business Overview 

TAT Corporation was established in May 2017 and is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Which is the center of the ASEAN region and being the region with the highest economic growth rate in the world. TAT Corporation aims to become a global leader in the health and beauty products industry.

Our brands and business built on the principles beliefs to change. Bringing the latest technology innovation and design in the new era, merging with a culture that has a long history including being compatible with nature and the environment. TAT Corporation will establish a new global standard for transform global healthcare as we know it.

We are committed to excellence in the development and manufacturing of healthcare and beauty products. Our overarching aim is to help enhance the quality of life of people worldwide. We will create new value by integrating our distinctive and leading-edge technologies as well as turning out proprietary health and beauty technologies to continue providing top-quality products and services that cultivate our billions customer in worldwide trust and satisfaction.

Our Core Expertise. When TAT Corporation are becoming an health and beauty products industry leader. We have to become experts in the ability necessary for creating new changes of the health and beauty products industry in the world.

Brand Stories

We are leveraging our brands to be a force for good. We know that improving consumers’ lives also means caring for the world we live in and providing sustainable solutions. That’s why we make irresistibly superior products to deliver the performance consumers expect while being produced responsibly. We have committed to responsible operations our policies and practices define the behavior we expect from our organization, employees and suppliers. We always seek to provide a clear perspective on our operating practices while living up to our Purpose, Values and Principles.

Human Rights and Labor Practices

We uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the relevant principles of UN Global Compact. It is our responsibility to ensure that our business will not infringe on human rights. We continually promote respect for human rights through trainings, guidelines, and controls measures to ensure that all business groups manage human rights risks and impacts at their fullest capacity. To prevent infringing on labor rights, we focus our effort on proactive approach. Our policy prohibits all forms of forced labor and illegal foreign labor. We promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace where all employees have equal opportunity to advance in their career regardless of age, sex, culture, physical conditions and personalities.

We strive to build a safe work environment for our employees and contractors and work towards zero accidents and occupational diseases goal through internal and external collaborations.


At TAT Corporation, Innovation is an instrumental driver for positive change and a factor that sustains our business competitiveness. We continue embedding a culture of innovation for sustainable growth as well as to contribute to Thailand 4.0 policy. In confirmation of our core value, “innovativeness”, companies under TAT Corporation are relentlessly developing products and services which are enabled by research and development centers which are led by our experienced researchers. We promote different ways of innovation – incremental, breakthrough and radical all of which apply advanced technology. Innovativeness brings about tremendous benefits to the company including continued success into the future.

Our researchers and scientists focus on bringing the best technology and innovation to develop all of our products.
More than that is the commitment to invent patent registration to bring it to be unique in the product and the extension of patents or research from all over the world. To deliver our products to be accepted and trusted by our customers around the world.

At the TAT Design center is full of our designers and creators who have the spirit of design to make a big change in our industry. The power of a leading designer group that is highly committed to creating a new era of design. To be compatible with the culture or way of life in the contemporary era. And not neglecting to consider the nature and the environment in all of our designs.

In every success, Consists of a variety of factors which success in some matters may require specific expertise of our partners. In order for us to reach our aspiration as soon as possible. We therefore focus on collaboration with partners who join our mission and achieve each other’s goals. Whether from cooperation the health and beauty industry or in other industries.

Quality System 


We set new approaches towards sustainability in order to keep pace with evolving global sustainability challenges. We are aspired to provide sustainable products and services that improve the quality of life of everyone in the societies.

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